5 Techniques to Stay Happy

“Wendy, you’re always smiling!” 
“Wendy, you seem to be so happy all the time!”

Those are some words that I get all the time. While I don’t agree completely with those statements because I’m obviously a human being who has negative emotions too, I am glad that I give out positive vibe. It’s not easy to stay happy and positive all the time, especially when life gets tough and hormones go crazy. Here are some of my tips in staying happy when life gives you lemon, hopefully it helps!

1. Count your blessings

It is hard to think of the positive things when your mind is preoccupied with negative thoughts. One easy way to fool your mind into thinking positive is to count your blessings. Think of 5 things that you are thankful for in your life, which could be simple stuff like clean water to drink or the supportive friends that you met in life.

2. Be mindful of the present


This is my favourite chart that explains about mental health issues. It is said that depression is often caused by excessive thoughts about the past and anxiety is caused by excessive thoughts about the future. Ground yourself back to the present. Think of where you are and how you are doing today, at this exact moment, this very second, right now.  

3. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing helps. Whenever you feel like you are about to explode due to the negative emotions that you are experiencing, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Deep breathing increases blood flow, releases tension, and helps you relax.

4. Be empathetic and forgiving

Holding onto grudges will only keep the negativity within yourself. Try to understand that the person who is being a jerk to you might be going through a tough time, or they might have gone through a different path in life that shaped who they are today. Try to understand and forgive them. Spread love, PEACE! ✌?

5. Be silly


Because, why not? You’re ultimately yourself and it’s important to let loose and have fun. Being silly makes you laugh at yourself and return to the circle of being happy. I do this a lot by singing musicals in my kitchen, calling my friends weird names and dancing like a robot. As proven above, the new Snapchat filters have been really helpful too. Add me on Snapchat @wendyvazzy to follow my daily silly snapshots, hopefully they make you happy too!