February Playlist: Coffeeshop Dreaming

For the month of February, I would love to share this playlist called “Coffeeshop Dreaming” with you.  It is a playlist filled with some of my favourite acoustic/folk love songs.  When it comes to meet-ups and dates, I love coffee shops.  I love meeting people in a place that is brightly lit, smells of good coffee, serves good pastries and has a great acoustic playlist.  There’s just something magical about that vibe that makes me feel cozy and comfortable.  Since February is also the month of Valentine’s, I thought it’ll be nice to share my “love playlist” with you. 

My top 5 picks from this playlist are:

Us the Duo – I Will Wait For You
William Fitzsimmons – Ice Cream
Landon Pigg – Falling in love at a Coffee Shop
Helen Austin – Love Is
the bird and the bee – How Deep Is Your Love

Bookmark it, follow it, and listen to it when you need some lovely acoustics.  I’m sure you’ll love it! 




Featured Image courtesy of  Gracia Chua.