2016 – A Year of Hope and Courage

At the start of every year, I like to sit down and make a list of my New Year’s resolutions.  I would also think of a word or two that serves as my guiding word(s) of the year.  I came across this concept last year and it worked pretty well for me.  There were times when I was really busy and overwhelmed that I forgot about my goals, and these words, these charming little mantras, helped putting me back in place and reminded me of what I wanted to achieve.  

After reflecting on my current standing in life and looking at what’s to come in 2016, I have decided to use “hope” and “courage” as my words of the year.


Last year, through the darkest of times, I learned about the power of hope.  I learned that with positive thoughts, you will be able to pull through the dark moments of doubt, frustration or sadness.  It’s with hope that one is motivated to keep fighting the battle and not give up.  

2016 is a year filled with uncertainties for me.  I will be graduating from university in 5 months time, and I still have no idea where will I be or what will I be doing after that.  But with hopes that I will be getting a job, and with hopes that I will continue to stay healthy and happy despite where my path takes me, I know I will be okay. 


In this year, I will be faced with a lot of challenges and tough decision making.  I will be going through job applications and job interviews;  I will be having my first full time job;  I will be exposed to a new organizational culture;  and my lifestyle will have to change according to my new identity.  It is a lot of changes and honestly, it scares the hell out of me.   But with courage, I know that I am able to go through it.  I am going to brave myself through the worst possible scenario and strive for my dreams.  I know I will. 

Because of these uncertainties, I also kept my new year’s resolutions very simple this year.  My resolutions focus more on self-improvement in terms of lifestyle rather than specific career-related goals.  A few of my resolutions are:

  • Scroll less on Facebook
  • Be more conscious about my diet and skincare routine
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Learn to meditate
  • Do a headstand
  • Run a half marathon
  • Be a better lifestyle blogger

Listing goals gives me something to look forward to, and it motivates me to work harder and make the best out of my availability.  For the past 2 years, my new year’s resolutions had changed me a lot.  Not only am I satisfied with what I achieved, but it also unleashed many of my unknown potential.  I never knew that I could be physically fit and run a 10k if I didn’t set a goal to start working out.  I also wouldn’t have checked out so many items on my bucketlist have I not include them in my new year’s resolutions.  Goal setting can be really effective if you take it seriously, and the new year is always a good excuse to start chasing your goals.  Check out this old blog post of mine for some tips in setting up your new year’s resolutions.

Despite my fear of the changes that will happen in 2016, I look forward to this roller coaster ride, and I plan to make the best out of it. Good luck to your new year’s resolutions too! ?