A Box Full of Christmas Goodness

Two days ago, I received a Christmas parcel from my family.  Over the past few years that I was away from home, my family would always make sure that I receive some “physical” love from Malaysia since I can’t be home with them.  The boxes never fail to surprise me as my family gets more and more creative each year. 

This year, they decided to “keep it small” by sending me handmade cards and some of my favourite Malaysian packaged food.  These “small” gifts were not at all simple when the entire family got so creative with their cards.  I feel like they were having a mini competition to see who makes the best card for me.  LOL   


Handmade by my 9-year old niece Denise: Origamis of my entire family (guess who’s who!) and a cute snowy card


Handmade by my 12-year old niece Melissa: A Whatsapp-themed card inspired by our family group chat


A beautiful card drawn by my Papa, and a card written entirely in Chinese from my Mama.

In case you don’t know, we all got our artsy genes from my dad.  I really love the glowing details on the candle and table that he made with correction fluid, how clever is that?!  I was told that he actually had to make the card twice because of some spelling error in the first card he made.  Oh man, the effort and sacrifice that was gone into it! ??  And that card from my mum, it was such a huge surprise.  My mum hadn’t been writing in Chinese for a long time, so she actually had to go through the dictionary a gazillion times to write the entire paragraph for me.  I am not going to lie that my eyes teared up the moment I opened the card, before I even read it.  I feel so loved by my family!

And just when I thought that I am done with my family’s crazy creativity and their 110% effort in making these cards for me, I was surprised again.  In my parcel, there was a really cute gift box that was tied up with a ribbon.  I thought it’s a small gift, something like a mini plush toy (because it’s really light) given by my sister, but when I loosen the ribbon and opened the cap, I couldn’t believe what I saw…


It is an “explosive card” handmade by my eldest sister, with cute photos of all of us and some really cute crafty stuff around it. How can one even be so creative?! ?

My roommate, who was with me all the time when I opened my gifts, lost her shit when she saw this card.  She literally went, “Okay, this is too much, your family is wayyyy too creative I can’t take it anymore.” LOL  Oh well, I don’t blame her for that, I was really stunned by my family’s creativity too! ?

Besides the cards,  my mama also made me some of her best butter cookies.  They wrapped layers and layers of bubble wrap to prevent the cookies from being smashed, and fortunately, they turned out okay.  Having these cookies that melt in my mouth really reminded me of the test of home, I am so thankful!


Irene’s famous butter cookies, Maggie in Asam Laksa flavour, Milo 3-in-1, and a tiny box of Ferrero Rocher. A happy Malaysian kiddo over here yo! ?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why my second sister didn’t make me a card, she sent me a card cum Advent calendar in November.  I had been opening these little windows every day and they make me really excited for Christmas.  Some of the windows are little quotes and wishes about Christmas, and some are instructions like “Watch a Christmas movie!” or “Write a letter to Santa!”  I have been trying to follow the instructions as much as I can, and they are a hell of a fun!

Christmas is the time of giving.  Many of us get really stressed up with all the gifts that we will be getting, and the lack of funds in buying them, myself included.  But this parcel from my family, this box of goodness reminded me that Christmas gifts, or even gifts in general, don’t have to always be fancy or too expensive (although, the postal charges for this box actually went really high).  It is the thought that counts.  I can feel the sincerity in each and every single one of the cards handmade by my family, the messages that they wrote really melted my heart, and they are worth so much more than anything money can buy.  Be creative with your gifts, and be sincere about them.  Good luck in all your Christmas shopping!


P/s: I know, I am really lucky to be born into such a loving family.  I will always be thankful for it.