2015 Recap

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the lack of update during this holiday season.  During the past 2 weeks, I had been spending time with my loved ones, sleeping in, eating out, singing and dancing, pretty much allowing myself to go all out and not stress about any commitment.  My Christmas was great;  I went to church, made my loved ones brunch, and my friends invited me over for dinner on both Christmas eve and Christmas night with their families.  I’m really thankful to be able to have a great celebration despite not having to spend it with my family.  And now, I am spending my New Year’s Eve at Whistler, up in the snow mountains.  I couldn’t have asked for a better short winter break.  I hope your holidays went well too!

As usual, I have the habit of going through my archives and reflect on my year as the year comes to an end.  I went through the photos and videos in my memory stick, scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feed, look at my journal,  just to remind myself of everything that happened in 2015.  To give you a taste of how 2015 was for me,  I’ve listed some of the highlights for your pleasure reading:

  • Turned 22, confidently telling my friends during my birthday lunch that “I think I will have a boyfriend this year,” which I did not. ?
  • Organized a successful benefit concert for Operation Smile and raised almost $2000.00 for 7 surgeries
  • Got to know Anna Toth thanks to the benefit concert ?
  • Received my Mama’s pineapple tarts in the mail for Chinese New Year
  • Ate deep fried cricket for the first time
  • Got myself an Android, lost it within the first month (and found it after), then broke it at the 6th month (and had to get a new phone again ?)
  • Got myself a Macbook
  • Received an award from Sauder School of Business
  • Went for UBC’s Undie Run ?
  • Went naked at Wreck Beach
  • Dressed in a saree and sang a Hindi song for the first time (Tum Hi Ho)
  • Dressed in a saree again and sang a Tamil song for the first time (Kolaveri Di)
  • Started running, and completed my first 10k ??
  • Rebranded my 7-year old blog :’)
  • Saw One Republic live
  • Saw Kodaline live
  • Saw Alesso, Project 46, Matoma, and Audien live
  • Saw Robin Schulz live for like 30 minutes, before I left the club being too drunk to handle myself ?
  • Succumbed to the 420 club and went on random adventures like singing to cows and being at bonfires with hippies
  • Drove my friends across the border down to United States! ?
  • Visited New York City, and lived the Gossip Girl dream with the bestie Vivian Siow!
  • Fell in love with New York City
  • Fell in love with New York City’s bagels
  • Completed my first short solo trip at Washington DC
  • Visited Portland and its beautiful nature sites
  • Completed the Grouse Grind and didn’t kill myself
  • Kayak-ed around Deep Cove and didn’t kill myself
  • Waddled around the trails in Whistler and didn’t kill myself

And this everybody, is my recap video for 2015. I tried my best to get as many footage as I can throughout the year, and I spent a long time compiling it.  It is only 3.45 minutes, and the ending is pretty funny;  I really hope you watch it! 😛

2015 was a great year, but it was definitely not an easy one for me.  Despite all these fun stuff and achievements, 2015 was also the year that my mental health really took a toll on me.  There was a time that I fell into a deep hole and couldn’t seem to escape from the dark.  While it wasn’t exactly obvious from the outside, those who’re dear to me would know, and I am grateful that they stuck with me through my toughest time.

I learned a lot.  I learned about the power of faith and hope, that you will be able to pull through as long as you have faith and hope;  I learned about the importance of balancing your physical, mental and social health, that having one over the other is rather useless unless you have it all;  I learned about love, that love from those who care really affects how you view life and how you act in life.  As we grow older, we gain more responsibilities and we see more of the ugly side of life.  It is no longer just rainbows and unicorns, it is also about independence and survival.  While 2015 might not be the most exciting year I ever have, it was definitely a fruitful year for me.  Here’s to surviving 2015, and to the next thousand miles in our life! ?