Running Progress: from 3k to 7k

Earlier this year, I started running as I wanted to complete a 5k in support of my friend in a Defeat Depression run. However, on the day of the event, the route was switched due to the weather and I didn’t complete the 5k as I planned. My New Year’s resolution wasn’t achieved, yet I was motivated to keep running and complete another run before the year ends. 

When I was in New York City, Vivian made me put on my running shoes to explore the city in a healthy manner. We would run from East Village to Chelsea, or along the East River, or across the Brooklyn Bridge when the sun set. It was a great way to get to know a place, and I was motivated to do the same when I get back to Vancouver. The weather in BC is perfect for running in the summer. Even on days when I feel lazy, the sunny, breezy weather outside makes me want to get out of my bed and enjoy the view while I run. 

When I first started off running, I could only run 3k before I felt like I was dying, and that was with a few stops in between feeling super out of breath. 5k seemed like a huge milestone for me, and I dreaded the thought of completing the goal. Yet today, after running intermittently for a few months, I could actually complete a 5k without feeling too bad. I was so proud of myself when I completed a 6k and still wanted to keep running. It feels so, so good to know that my body is actually getting stronger compared to how it was a few months ago. And now, I feel like I can accomplish bigger goals than just 5k!


I went running along the seawall with my friends a while back. It’s not an easy run for us, but the view was so amazing we’re so motivated!


Swing swing swing on the seawall!

Love these candid shots!

Love these candid shots that XC took!


Pretty views, as usual. #nofilter

It’s not as though I can run 5k in 20 minutes, or that I can run 10k without taking a break. I am still far from those goal, but I am getting there. I am the kind of people who would perform worse under pressure, so I just kept encouraging myself to keep running without stressing about my distance or timing (okay, maybe a little). But yea, I just wanted to share my progress because I am really proud of my achievement so far. I used to be embarrassed about how little I can run compared to friends who are doing half-marathons or marathons, but I was reminded that we are all on a different fitness journey; if I don’t work hard or begin now, how do I get there and be like them one day? 

For those of you who are feeling unfit to run, just do it. Begin at wherever you are and keep going from there, you’ll be amazed by how great you’ll feel after you complete your first few Ks.  The weather is too nice to not run anyways. 

Today I can run 7k, and I’ll see you on my next post. #keeprunningxx-signature-2