Running Progress: from 3k to 7k

Earlier this year, I started running as I wanted to complete a 5k in support of my friend in a Defeat Depression run. However, on the day of the event, the route was switched due to the weather and I didn’t complete the 5k as I planned. My New Year’s resolution wasn’t achieved, yet I was motivated to […]View post →

Feeling at Home in Portland, Oregon

The final stop for my summer vacation this year was Portland, Oregon.  My beloved friend Rachel had been asking me over for the longest time to show me around the hipster town. Since I didn’t have much to do when I get back from vacation, I decided to fly back to the west coast domestically within the […]View post →


I was sitting at the front passenger seat of the tiny car that we rented. We just finished a hike, and was looking for a dinner place with good beer. That’s what we always do when we travel together, the entire Vaz family, beers and laughters and gossips and sometimes, a little bit of drama. We were traveling […]View post →

My NYC Bucketlist

Yay! I managed to check Travel to New York off my bucket list this year! You probably knew from my old blog post, or the bucketlist tab above that I take my bucket list quite seriously. Every year, I would have a main goal to be achieved, and I was really excited to have enough money to […]View post →