New York City: the Gossip Girl Stops

Hello from New York City! After a few days of feeding myself with fatty food and going around the city, I finally found some time to blog about my trip here!

I am currently in the city, meeting up with my bff since 8 years old. She’s living here and since I have 2 months of my summer break off, I decided to stay here for 3 weeks just to spend time with her. We have so much to catch up with as we haven’t met in person for 2 years. Plus, I am able to go around the city at my own pace due to the long travelling time I have!


Hello from the babe and I ❤️

New York City has always been like a fantasy land of mine. It is the city that I grew up watching in films and reading in books. So many of my favourites are set in this city: Gossip Girl, Humans of New York, The Mindy Project, the Crossfire novel series etc. In fact, I actually re-watched Gossip Girl last month to remind myself of the New York dreams I had as a teenager.

Walking around the city, all of the places are strangely familiar to me. It is not because I have been here, but because I have seen them through the digital world or my imagination. Every intersection and bench seems like they have been photographed by Brandon Stanton (from Humans of New York) before and every building seems like they have been casted webs by Spiderman to protect the neighbourhood. Walking along the streets, I am constantly in awe of the view, the architecture and the people of New York City.

As I mentioned earlier, I am taking my own pace to go around the city. One of the first few touristy places that I visited was Central Park and some attractions around it. We went for a picnic and did a little bit of the Gossip Girl sightseeing along the way.


At the Met steps, waiting for my minions 😜


Picnic overseeing the Bathesda Fountain and Bathesda Terrace


Under the Bathesda Terrace (where Blair and Chuck got married)


Super in love with this large trail along the park. It’s amazing how you can find so much greenery in the middle of the busy city. I’m in deep love with Central Park!


My Dorota took me to the duck pond 😂

If you are a GG fan and want to have a little bit of your Serena or Blair moment during your trip, these are some tips from the bff: 

Begin with the Met steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Take your photos or visit the museum if you love to. From there, enter Central Park and enjoy the different attractions within the park. Navigate your way to the Bathesda Terrace, which is where Blair and Chuck got married. Talented singers perform there during noon hours so be sure to catch that. Continue towards the south and go to The Pond at the southern-east part of Central Park, which is where Blair goes to feed ducks. I am not sure if feeding the ducks are allowed there, just make sure you don’t kill them when you do feed them alright?

As you leave Central Park from the south, you can easily walk along 5th Avenue to Grand Central Station (where Serena was first spotted) and other tourist attractions. Here’s a screenshot of the Central Park map if it helps.


I am really glad to be able to go to these places with the bff. She knows the places, she knows the series, and she knows me. She’d take me to places and take nice photos of me while I get all touristy, and we get to spend time doing things that normal people do too! We had been running around the city and hunting for good food everyday. This girl is like the queen of Yelp, she can spend hours on it looking for the perfect spot for our next meal. The only drawback is that she’ll feel fat after meals and force me to run and workout with her. LOL

This is the first out of the few posts that I am going to have for my trip here. I am still trying to figure out how to categorize them, but I guess I will figure them out once I start my next post. Below are the photos from Macy’s 4th of July firework show, I am glad to arrive just in time to experience something really American. I will talk to you soon on my next post, stay tuned! 😉


Notice the Empire State Building on the left side of the photo. If only I’ve a wide-angled lens, this photo would be perfect.