Year 3 ✔

It is Friday evening, I have one more exam on Monday, and I like to think that I have sufficient time to get ready for it this weekend. A friend of mine is opening for Jaguar at The Backstage Lounge, I really should be there, yet I chose to sit under my blanket since 8PM. The school year is coming to an end and I am feeling emotional about it. Didn’t I just blog about my third year – first term yesterday? Wait no, didn’t I just come to UBC yesterday? Yikes!

This term had been great to me, too great I’d say. It is a term that I achieved so much despite all that I was going through, and I am truly grateful to be staying strong today. Since I hadn’t been blogging about my personal life for a while, I thought I should share some of my highlights of the term with you today.

1. Hosted a really successful fundraising for Operation Smile, I hope you remember reading about it, or you can check out the full blog post here.


2. Performed a Hindi song for the first time for UBC’s annual Malaysia Singapore Night. It was an amazing experience and well hello, I actually look good in a Saree! (Click on image for video)


3. Took part in UBCMA’s Battle of the Ads and guess what – got 3rd place despite the stress yea yea! It was definitely a great experience for me!


4. Got to work with an actual client, Environmental Design and Geography students, and the 
most amazing professor one can ask for in my elective. You know you’ve great teammates when they’re worth mentioning in your blog post 😉

5. Went to a tiki bar for Luna’s birthday (for some reason I feel like this is worth remembering).

6. Finally took part in UBC’s annual Undie Run with Kendall and hopped into the fountain. One more year for me to check off stuff from my UBC Bucketlist!

7. The biggest achievement I have in UBC so far. I actually received the International Student Leadership Award from Sauder School of Business. 


I was really surprised when I found out that I was the recipient of the award. Struggling through the term with my studies and the many extra curricular involvements that I have, I never expected myself to receive an actual recognition for all that I accomplished. The best part of the award was that besides the recognition from the UGO, there were friends who stood up for me when the award was announced, and some even came up to me just to tell me that I deserved it. I had never felt so loved in Sauder before. Ever.

If you want to see my “glamorous moment” of the awards ceremony, you can skip to 1:43 of this video. AHAHA

Of course, despite all of these highlights, the best part of the term is the people that I met and the lessons that I learned along the way. There were times when I got really tired or was faced with different challenges, but it was the amazing people that I met who powered me up through thick and thin, and got me to where I am today. To my friends who have known me for years, thank you for sticking with me although I was always busy with a gazillion tasks; and to the friends whom I just met, thank you for accepting my friendly-ness and giving back to me. I learned that as long as I don’t give up on myself, these amazing people will not give up on me too.

So yea, it’s been a great term/year, thank you so much for making it happen! 😉


xx Wendy

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