Keep Running

As mentioned last week, I wasn’t feeling well for a while. It was hard to push myself through my negative thoughts and emotions, and it was hard for me to bring this up as I was too used to being the “happy” and “positive” one. It took me a lot of courage and strength, but I am glad to be slowly bouncing back to my usual energetic self, thanks to the support from my friends. It feels good to see myself smiling and laughing genuinely again.

Many of my friends on Facebook might have known that I signed up for a Defeat Depression Run/Walk on March 29th, which is
hosted by a friend of mine who is surviving from depression. She’s currently an active advocate of mental health awareness and I’m so inspired by her (You can read her surviving blog here).  I’m not sure if I’m ready for a 5K run, but I know I want to do it for myself and for her.

This is the fundraising page that I created to help raise awareness about the event,
you can click on the image to donate!

One of my New Year’s Resolution is to complete a 5K run. I scheduled myself to train for this but things did not turn out as planned. I promise that I will try my best and will definitely get to the ending point, but if I don’t run all the way, I will sign up for another run during the summer and achieve my goal. You have my word! 😉

Two weeks ago before my schedule was affected, I actually ran a few different routes when it was sunny out. I did not give myself a time limit, I just wanted my body to get used to running. I ran to the grocery store, I ran to Kitsilano Beach, I ran to everywhere I wanted to go. I just kept running and running. It might sound funny to you, but really, a person with zero experience with running needs to start somewhere right?

View en-route the beach, loving these cherry blossoms
View at the beach, hi there Mr. Sun can you come back again?


I have a really terrible stamina. I had to stop a couple of times on my way, but I did not give up.  Although I knew that it would be harder to pick up once I stopped to rest, I also had to understand my body’s limit. I didn’t want to hurt myself during the journey. I knew that as long as I kept running after I rested, I would still get to my ending point. I knew that for stamina, as long as I keep repeating the process and not give up, my body will get stronger day after day.

It’s just like life. We set goals and we want to achieve them, then we get tired and we face challenges and we feel like giving up. We might hit the breaking point when even trying harder is useless, so we take a break. Yes, it is okay to take a break if you need to – but remember, don’t just stop there. Keep running even after you stop to rest, because if you don’t, you’re just going to be stuck at wherever you stopped, not going anywhere.

I like to say that the hardest part of any journey is getting started, it might not feel good and it might be tough in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy the process and be proud of yourself at the end. I am slowly getting back my momentum after my temporary breakdown, and I know that this tough journey will only get more interesting. If I can fight this, you can too. Good luck to you and me as we fight for our lives!


xx Wendy