Valentine’s Day Special: Thoughts on Relationships

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! A beautiful holiday that celebrates romantic love – although like many other holidays, it has become too commercialized these days. Some people really gets annoyed by all the pink and heart-shaped theme, and lovey-dovey couples everywhere. I personally am okay with it as I find the little details, like how some guys have a stalk of flower in their hands when they’re on the streets, to be really endearing.

I have to admit that being single at this time of the year makes you feel a little bit lonely, especially when you get into your 20’s and are already being expected to start looking for your mate. I am lucky enough to at least have relationship experience prior to this, and have the right to choose for my own marital partner in the future. But then again, it just sucks when you’re reminded of something that many others have but you don’t.

It’s not as if I am desperate for a boyfriend. I don’t really need one to move on with my life, but I don’t mind having one too. Like honestly, who doesn’t want to have that special someone who will love you probably as much as you do to yourself, and to give you that extra love and care? That is an undeniable fact. But at the same time, you don’t just get that “special someone” just because you want one. That someone is called “special” for a reason. Relationship doesn’t work in a way that as long as you wish hard and work hard for it, you get it, it really depends on the mutual feeling and desire from the other person too.

Many of my friends, especially high school friends who knew me when I was with my high school sweetheart, would ask me if I am still not over my ex, or if I am just focusing on my career now. Like, they’re always wondering why am I not having another boyfriend yet. The answer is, I really don’t care much about anything, perhaps the time is just not right yet. Some day, that special someone would appear in my life, and until that happens, I am going to keep myself occupied with things that I am passionate about, and learn to love myself and those around me first.

So today, as I am still sitting single here in my room (LOL why does that sound pathetic again? Okay it’s not but it just sounds like it.) I have decided to channel all of these love that I would have otherwise given to my romantic partner, to all of those that I really care for, and love with all of my heart.

Firstly, my parents. 

Thank you so much for being so loving and caring, to me and to each other. It has been really inspiring seeing how you both care for one another, tolerate one another, to make your relationship and our family stand as one. I love you.

My sisters.

I am so lucky to be born to 2 elder sisters that are so cool and fun to be around. Thanks for being my emotional support whenever I get into trouble, even though you can’t be my personal bodyguards like how elder brothers do. I really enjoy being “the baby” of the family. I love you.

My friends. 

Whether or not you’re a close friend of mine or just an acquaintance that I have a “hi-bye” relationship with; whether or not you’re still close with me today or you were my buddy back in elementary or secondary school that I no longer keep in touch with – Thank you for acknowledging me, being by my side and being my guardians when I am not at home. I will not be here today if it’s not for all of you amazing people that I met in my life. I love you.

And lastly, myself.

One thing that I really learned after breaking up with my ex more than a year ago, and after having some drama in my life that affects me a lot, is that I have learned to love myself more and more each day, not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that I grow to appreciate myself, take care of myself, and just be myself. So to myself, I just want to tell you that you have been a strong and amazing girl till this day, keep it up and you’ll bring this love not only to yourself but also to those around you. I love you so much, so please, continue to be your awesome self. HAHA

And yes, this ends my Valentine’s Day special post. I hope you have a great holiday with your loved ones, whether it’s with your bf/gf/friends/family or with yourself. It is okay to not do or have anything that is commercialized as the must-haves for Valentine’s, as long as you are filled with love and joy yourself, you are doing great. Till then, and Happy Valentine’s Day all!

xx Wendy