Chinese New Year Away From Home

It’s the 2nd day of Chinese New Year today, and I just came back from the gym and had my dinner. I was going to spend my Friday night finishing my assignment, but I might end up watching a movie instead. Ah, it feels like just another normal Friday.
It is my third year not being home during this festive season and I have to say that, I am actually getting better at this. Unlike the kid who missed home so terribly when she first went through Christmas and CNY in first year, I no longer feel super sad about being away from home. The homesickness did kick in a little bit on the night of New Year’s eve, when everybody was back home having reunion dinners with their families, but I was just happy for others that they can be there with their loved ones.  I guess I really am growing older and tougher.
As usual, the family Facetimed me when they were at my grandma’s with everyone else and sent me pictures of the gatherings. It feels so weird seeing so many extra faces that I haven’t met before in my family – cousins’ partners and baby nieces and nephews, and seeing everyone looking so different! I wonder if I can recognize everybody when I finally get back for CNY in the future. LOL
My Vancouver family and I, we had a CNY potluck dinner yesterday. Each of us prepared a dish, trying to make it as Chinese New Year as possible. The outcome was pretty good (considering most of the guys don’t really cook) and we had a great time. After dinner, we played mahjong and gambled for a bit, just like how we would’ve spent CNY back home.
Da food!
Mahjong and gamble time – Don’t you dare peek at my tiles!
Family photo with the red and prosperous theme! ❤️ 

I’m lucky to have these people that I call family here in Vancouver. Although we’ve been rather busy with our own lives and haven’t been seeing each other a lot lately, I never once felt estranged whenever we hang out again like that. Yes, that includes all the pleasant and unpleasant feeling when being with them, how they can be nice but annoying at the same time. LOL But, that’s how families are like right?

I am also having another hotpot session with the rest of my CPU friends tomorrow, and the Malaysian and Singaporean clubs are both having some CNY celebrations next week too. I am so looking forward to all of these CNY programs to get a little bit of the home-y feeling.

To my friends and family who’re enjoying their Lunar New Year celebration back home, eat more CNY snacks for me and good luck with the angpows and gambling sessions alright? And to my friends who are  away from home and missing all of the festive joy just like me, you’re not alone. Let’s just take this as a lesson to really appreciate all those that we’ve been taking for granted. Happy New Year all!

新年快乐! 万事如意!


Lots of love,