“I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22!”

I know, it is so cliche to sing this Taylor Swift song, but I feel like I HAVE TO sing it whenever I talk about my 22nd birthday.

As you might have already known from my previous post, I celebrated my birthday last weekend. I wasn’t exactly super excited about it, as I’ve gotten into that comfort zone where I consider birthdays are not super big deals anymore. I thought of it more as a great reminder for me to thank my parents, especially my mother for safely delivering me into this world 22 years ago. With the attention I got from my friends for the many wishes, I also thought of it as a reminder for me to appreciate these amazing friends I’ve made throughout my life.

You know how they say that surprise comes when you least expected it? It’s so true. I did not expect much for my birthday this year, and was so surprised when I came back to my room beautifully decorated by my roomie Vinotha. She filled my room with colorful balloons, a “happy birthday” banner and a gift on my bed. How sweet!

And on my actual birthday, which was the day after this balloon surprise, I had a birthday lunch session with a few of my friends. We had All You Can Eat sushi and barbecue, and had a great time chatting and laughing as we always do. Unlike my 21st birthday, I did not throw a party or clubbing night. I just didn’t feel like it.

After cutting my birthday cake that day, my friends asked me how I felt about turning 22 and about my plans as a 22-year old adult. To be honest, turning 22 feels very different from 21. When I celebrated my birthday last year, I was full of hope as a young adult, being excited for the significant starting point of my adult life. And now, after a year, I feel like all of those excitement are slowly shrinking. I feel even more responsible for my own life, about my future career and my future path. I feel more in need to take good control of every single step I take that can possibly shape my future.

I am not trying to say that turning into an adult cannot be fun, but the excitement is definitely backed with a lot of responsibilities. Although these parts of adulthood seems a little bit scary to me, I am sure I will do fine with my positive attitude in life.



Couldn’t finish blowing all of my 22 candles. LOL


Superstar of the day. 😛

I am lucky to have friends who are always so thoughtful and caring to me. Yi Chen and Zoey kinda planned the lunch for me. I received a few health/sports related birthday gifts as my friends know that I am into a healthy lifestyle right now. Vinotha, who knew of my love for music and books got me the most practical, useful gift of an iTunes gift card; and Xiang Chuin gave me a pot of daffodils to add some life into my room. Today, two flowers bloomed in the pot and I was so excited to find out about it.

I also received a lot of messages and wishes on my social media accounts. It is always nice to hear from my friends whom I haven’t been in touch for a long time. I just spent about 2 hours today going through every single one of them to thank them personally. It is not that I am very free to do so, I just thought that I should do that to express my gratitude since these people took a few seconds of their lives to wish me too. One thing I was really surprised about the wishes I received, was that many of my friends and family actually read my blog and mention about things I blog about in their wishes. I was so touched!

I am really thankful for all that I have today. For the past 22 years of my life, I have been lucky enough to stay safe and healthy up till today. I hope that for the rest of my life (however long more that will be), I will continue to be so lucky, so that I can serve God and give back to the community.

Goodbye for now, from my new plant Sunshine and my portrait drawn by Xiang Chuin! 🙂

xx Wendy