2015 Word(s) of the Year

This year, besides writing down my New Year’s resolutions and goals, I also chose 2 words to be my “words of the year.” These words are going to be my guide towards my resolutions and goals for 2015. They will be the simple reminders whenever I get too busy and forget my NYR, or whenever I am lost due to stress or obstacles.

The 2 words that I’ve chosen are Focus and Breathe.


I am the kind of girl who wants to achieve a lot and always end up having too much on her plate, the girl who has too big an appetite for her small body and always end up stressing herself up. This year, I want to learn to focus on my priorities.  Instead of having a long list of things that I want to achieve this year, I have a rather short New Year’s resolutions/goals so that I can excel in them.

Focus also means that I will control myself to not get distracted whenever I am working on a task. I am going to refrain myself from having too many tabs open when I am working on my assignment, or multitasking on my phone when I am in class. I am sure that the ability to focus will help me perform better in terms of my studies and personal wellbeing.



Last year, as I decided to start taking proactive action to achieve my goals, I went full force to attain them. Almost all of my time and energy were dedicated into realizing my goals, and I ended up being tired, stressed and having less interaction with my friends and family.

This year, with my continuing goal of achieving more, I want to always remember to breathe in my goal-chasing journey. I want to be less uptight and learn to slow down and relax when I need to. I want to send a message or make a call whenever I think of my friends or family so that I don’t regret one day. I want to remember that to take an extra breath is as important as achieving the other goals I have in life.

I pasted these 2 words at the side of my study table, along with my course schedules and syllabuses so that they are visible to me every day. This idea of having “word(s) of the year” actually came from a blog post of one of my favourite blogs, Helloneverland.com. I was inspired by her post and decided to pick a word from the list she created to help inspire. You should check it out if you’re interested too!

They say time passes relatively fast when you are busy. It feels like it was just New Year’s day yesterday and it’s been longer than a week since the calendar switched to 2015. I personally had been busy with going back to school and adapting to my new courses and new schedule, so I didn’t really have time to think much about my 22nd birthday, which is in 2 days time.

Looking at how different I am now as compared to before (I used to be very excited about my birthday, every year including last year), I guess adulthood has finally struck me. I no longer look forward to be “another year older” because THIS IS the time of my life to achieve all that I ever wanted. Being older in terms of my age doesn’t make any difference anymore, it all depends on what I do and how I lead my life now.

With that being said, I might come up with a personal post after my birthday to see how I feel about actually turning 22. Till then amigos, adios!


xx Wendy