The Power of Positive Attitude

As you might have known, I am currently having my final exams at the end of my school term. Many of my friends from various universities from different countries are, or will soon be sitting in their exams too. It is the time of the year when most of us are staying up late, staying in the libraries all day, stressed up with our studies and revision.

I had my first exam on Wednesday, and I did not do as well as I thought I could. I came out from the exam hall feeling quite disappointed with myself, but decided to move on and focus on my other exams. Then I bumped into another classmate who took the exam and thought she did bad in it too, she couldn’t stop expressing her pressure and was doing all the calculations of her possible scores, she looked as though she was going to cry.

That was when I realized that having a different attitude towards negative situations would make a difference in your life. My positive attitude told me that I tried my best and it was just an exam, that what matters the most was the knowledge that I learned in the course, and that I had so much more to be thankful for in my university life. Despite being in the same situation, the way I viewed at my problem gave me less stress, made me happier, and gave me more energy to work harder for my next paper.

While I understand that it is hard to be positive when times are hard, especially when the society is setting standards and expecting so much from us, think about it this way: Being positive and framing your problems differently can affect your ways of solving them, and possibly bringing an end to your sorrows. Try to do it by diverting your negative thinking into positive ones:

If you are not doing well in your work or studies,
Think about how you’re lucky enough to have a job or the opportunity to study. 
Remember, the journey matters more than the results.
If you are homesick,
Think about how this separation made you more independent, 
and how it made you appreciate your family members more.
If the person you like does not like you back,
Think about how  you’re able to learn to love yourself before someone loves you back.
If it rains on the day you left your umbrella at home,
Think about how you’re able to train your tolerance of low-temperature, 
and show off to your roommate when you manage to arrive home drenched but safe and sound.
If someone you love or care for pass away,
Think about how they are able to live in a pollution-free, trouble-free better place now.


I too have days when I curl up on my bed and cry myself to sleep, but don’t let that brief moment of negativity stray you away from a better life, try to let your positive attitude lead you back on track. You will be surprised by the power of it!

If you are free, take your time to watch this TEDx video on Linking Positive Brains to Performance by Shawn Achor. My Business Writing professor showed me this video on our last class, and it definitely reaffirmed me on my attitude in life.

Alright, I hope this post is able to lift you up during this stressful time, and remind you that despite all the negative things that you are going through in life, things will be better if you have a positive attitude in yourself and in your life. I am going to bed and have a good sleep now before my exam tomorrow. I really hope that I will do better in this exam as compared to the last one. Wish me luck!

Oh and if you’re writing your exams too, good luck to you! 😉


xx Wendy