Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas (Home Alone style)!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones. I had a nice one myself, spending time with friends who I consider my family faraway from home. I had a nice celebration on Christmas Eve, and a relaxing and lazy day on Christmas day itself. As usual, I got a little homesick during festive seasons like that.

Since I spent my entire Boxing day cleaning up my room and gifts, watching drama and movie, I thought I should blog about the Christmas-sy stuff I did this holiday. Yes, don’t be surprised, I didn’t shop today because I shopped enough during Black Friday and during my Seattle trip. LOL

Last weekend, before I went to Seattle, I visited the Christmas Market at Queen Elizabeth Theater and the Festival of Trees in Four Seasons Hotel. In case you don’t know, the Festival of Lights is an annual event held in the hotel in support of BC Children’s Hospital.  Individuals or corporations sponsor and decorate Christmas trees, and donations are encouraged to vote for the best tree. There were lots of really cool decorated trees throughout the lobby of the hotel and Pacific Center.

We really loved the ornaments from McDonald’s!

As for the Christmas market, it was raining pretty heavily when we were there so I did not enjoy it as much. I did get my first try on mulled wine and it was great during the cold weather though! We also saw the Gingerbread couple sitting on the carousel on that day, which was cute and creepy at the same time. LOL

On the 23rd of December, after coming back from my Seattle trip, my friend Samuel organized a Christmas dinner, with donations at the door for charitable causes he supports. He made us his Mum’s secret recipe Pandan Chicken, Roasted Lamb, Pesto Pasta etc. all by himself. I was so impressed by his cooking skills, and his effort to do this entire thing for his giving this season.

Mr. host cutting me a slice of the lamb he roasted
Always nice to hang out with these people. And yes, obviously I’m the most Christmassy person there!

And on Christmas Eve, I had the Christmas gathering/dinner that I anticipated the most this holiday. My Vancouver family and I, we went for grocery shopping together, decorated their house together, cooked and prepared everything together for the night. We built a gingerbread house, had our secret Santa and gift exchange, Xiang Chuin and Kitty cooked us mulled wine, we all had a try on Harry Potter’s Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (I got Cinammon and Blueberry, so lucky!), played Heads Up, FIFA and what not. They ended the night by watching the horror movie Babadook while I crashed on their sofa. It was definitely a great celebration filled with laughters all night long.

FOOD. I’m proud to announce that my first try on stuffed mushrooms turned out pretty well. 🙂

I brought all the decorations I have from home to decorate their place

The Gingerbread house that we gave up making halfway

The happy Potterhead who didn’t get vomit flavour! 

Thanks for making this Christmas another good one for me! 😀

I stayed over at their place after the celebration, and spent half of my Christmas day just chilling at their place. At least I didn’t have to stay home all by myself, lonely and homesick right? Brother Long Wei even cooked me oatmeal for breakfast because I was kinda hungover to have a greasy and big breakfast. Ah I love these amazing people, it felt so great to be taken care off. I spent my evening watching The Polar Express on my bed, nice and cozy.

As for my Christmas gifts, I came home on Christmas day to another parcel from the second sister. She got me a tote bag, necklace and purse that I absolutely adore. Vinotha the roomie also got me a leopard-print loungewear that totally matches my sleep pants she’s been seeing every day. LOL The gang gave me some really thoughtful and nice gifts that evening, and I am really thankful for all of them.

I’m actually sipping tea from the huge ass mug Asfvin got me as I am blogging right now

I’m glad to have yet another cozy one with my friends here in Vancouver for my third Christmas away from home. It’s fun to see how our celebration is growing bigger each year, I wonder how it’s going to be on our final year next year. And… That’s all for my Christmas post this year. I hope you had a great one, and that you had a great shopping trip today too. Till then!

xx Wendy