7 Things I Actually Want For Christmas

I just received the parcel that my family sent me for Christmas. Every year, we would send each other parcels just to keep the Christmas spirit going, although this year my package might arrive after Christmas because I was too caught up in exams and forgot to post it earlier. I love that Christmas is a season of giving, and that my family sent me things that are so cute that adds onto my Christmas mood. But really, the 7 things I actually want for Christmas are:

1. My family. Yes, all I want for Christmas is YOU!

If only my family can ship themselves to the parcel and that we can spend Christmas together, that will be so great! But it’s okay, spending Christmas away from home made me appreciate my family so much more than I ever had. Although I am not there in person with my loved ones, I hope they can have a great celebration and take a good break from their busy work life. I hope to have a good one with my closest friends, who are just like my family here in Vancouver too!

A cover photo I made for my family this Christmas.

2. A Mama who stops worrying so much, not a box of Vitamin C for myself.

If you notice from the picture above, my mother actually packed Vitamin C in the parcel, just to make sure I have enough supply and stay healthy. Mama, all I want is for you to stay healthy and not worry so much about the sisters, the nieces, and I. Don’t stay up so late to chat with us when Michele works overtime, or when I have exams, we will be more happy if you sleep earlier and get enough rest every day. We’re grown ups now, we’ll take good care of ourselves!

3. A Papa who takes care of his health, and shares chocolates with me as well.

Yes, I love chocolates just like you too Papa. In fact, I’ve already eaten a few of the chocolates that were in the parcel. Haha! But I heard from Michele that you’ve been eating chocolates non-stop every day? Not good ar! Try to control you junk food intake and cigarettes, and don’t forget to eat more healthily and exercise when you’re free kay? We should all try to be healthy together!

My nails that I just painted matches the Lindt Chocolate Bear! 😛

4. My sisters to stay strong as they work hard at their respective jobs.

Both of my sisters are having new jobs. Transitioning into new jobs are never easy, especially after long breaks. Overtime, inconsiderate colleagues/boss, everyone has their fair share of these. I just hope my sisters can stay strong and healthy and deal well with this change, and have a good break with the family during Christmas to recharge themselves. P/s: I love the dress and scarf  and I can’t wait for my other gift from Michele! 😀

5. My elder niece Melissa to grow into a fine young lady

Melissa, thank you so much for your very kind words in the card, your written Christmas carol, and for trying out the dress that became a gift for me. I still can’t believe you’re so grown up now. While you enjoy being stylish and having fun with your friends, don’t forget to study hard so that you can get into the school that you want ok? I have always been very proud of how sensible and mature you are, so keep making us proud!

6. Little Denise to keep being her amazing, funny self.

I can almost see Denise through the drawing and handwriting in the card. I can imagine her being super careful when drawing and writing the card,  but ended up being agitated because the ink from the pen got stained on her hand, thus messing the card. LOL I miss little fatty Denise, she’s one of the most thoughtful, old-fashioned kids I’ve ever met. Like, she scolded me last summer because my clothes were too sexy. LOL but really, she’s one smart girl and I hope she’ll always stay this way as she grow up.

7. For myself, to keep staying healthy and positive and not let my family worry. 

As much as my family treats me like a baby (since I am the youngest daughter), and I enjoy being so loved, I really like that fact that I am doing well all by myself too. I hope that this healthy and positive lifestyle of mine will keep me going strong and independent. I don’t detest my mum’s idea of me having a boyfriend to take care of me, but I don’t want to rush to get one just because I want or need one too. If I meet someone, I am more than happy, but if I don’t, the time will come too. Don’t worry so much about it! 🙂

And that’s it, the 7 things that I actually want from my family, despite what they sent me in the parcel. I hope all of you have a great Christmas, whether or not you’re with your family or you’re away from home just like me. I hope you remember that Christmas is really about the birth of Jesus Christ, although the commercialized idea of Christmas brings a lot of joy and happiness to humankind too.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a great holiday. Here’s a song cover I did this week to end the post.

xx Wendy