Never Let Them Stop You – Not Anyone, Not Anything.

Last weekend, I uploaded a new cover I made on Youtube. I was really excited about it because the song was recorded with my new Audio Technica ATR2500 condenser mic. It was my first time owning a recording microphone and I had fun recording and editing with it. I even made a music video for the song! (Well actually, that’s because I didn’t video myself when I was recording. :P)

And… this is how the video and the cover turned out:

It’s… weird looking at me singing/fooling in front of the camera I know, but I hope you enjoyed the song. It’s pretty fun recording it, learning to deal with a condenser mic (knowing how I need to buy a pop filter soon or I’ll die equalizing all the plosive sounds I heard), learning to lip sync to my own song, and learning to deal with a hater.

Yes, you got it right, I said hater. Despite getting a lot of likes and supportive comments from my friends, the highlight of my video was a post-sharing that surprised me. It was from a childhood friend’s account stating how my cover made him feel like puking.

Imagine yourself being me, happily scrolling Facebook when you received a notification and was like, “Oh wow, someone shared my video, yay!” And saw this post. It was not only shocking, but it hurt as well. It hurt because it came from a friend whom I kinda grew up with, and it hurt more when I’ve friends who liked his post and his comment.

I literally went blank and cried for a bit, because I was having my monthly PMS mood swing and I was really excited about the video. I just didn’t expect a hateful comment about something that’s pretty irrelevant to the situation. Like, I really wouldn’t mind if someone commented ‘your singing sucks’ or ‘you’re such a narcissist”, just not something that attacks me personally saying I’m inconsiderate or cheap or fake.

It took me a long time to calm down, and to think of an appropriate reply to his post – and I think I did it well.

I didn’t receive any replies or comments after that, until the next morning when he personally messaged me saying that he was hacked and he didn’t post any of those stuff. I felt so much better thinking that the hateful comment was not from a friend, but was also curious as to why would someone do such stuff to another person, and if the hacker actually knew me in person.

But wait… I am actually still skeptical about my friend too. The post was not deleted till today and no post was made to clarify that he was hacked. Weird isn’t it? Could it be from him, and that he didn’t dare to admit it after looking at my comment? Hmm…

Lots of questions are twirling on my head, but I really should stop pursuing it anymore. As much as the post made me feel uncomfortable, and whether or not it came from a friend, whoever does it clearly has some problem of his/her own and that should not stop me from doing things I want to do. After all, haters gonna hate. I’m sure karma will get back to them some day.

My new baby that brought me into this. 😛

As I complained to my sister about the situation, she was like “Wendy, this is the beginning of your stardom! You have a hater now, all you have to do is handle it well and you’ll be fine. People will like you more!” LOL, she really knows how to make me feel better. But that’s right, all I need is an optimistic and positive attitude to keep moving.

That brings me to another exciting update – I started my swimming lessons last week! It’s a 6-class summer program at UBC Aquatic Centre. I was shy and nervous at first, but I decided to just take it or I’ll never learn the right techniques to swim in my whole life. The first class went well, with a 7-person small class where the instructor could focus on all of us. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot at the end of the program!

I’m glad that I’m putting my fear aside to achieve these little things in life. You see, I can do it. The fact that I’m not letting anyone or anything stop me from doing all the things I want is pushing me forward. The journey might not be easy, I may have to fight a lot, I may have to sacrifice a lot – But I’m sure at the end of each route, I will be proud of myself for persevering through it.

Till then,
Wendy xx

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