7 Things I Forgot About My Family

For the passed 3 weeks that I’m back, I spent 90% of my time with my family and only my family. It’s funny how I was gone for 8 months (or 2 years since university starts), and there are so many things that I kinda forgot about these people that I knew for my whole life.

Below are some interesting facts that I forgot:-

1. How NOISY and LOUD my family is

After living by myself for almost a year now, I forgot how noisy living under one roof with these people can be. In the kitchen, the Mum will be shouting to get one niece to shower, in the room my sister will be shouting for one niece to stop messing with her things, and in the living room the Dad will be watching television on full volume sipping a can of beer, not bothering about us at all.
2. How fast kids GROW

Look at how grown up my nieces are! Melissa has grown so close to my height, and Denise is growing a lot… horizontally too! LOL I ran out of shoes to wear the other day and my nieces offered to lend me their shoes, it felt so weird but it’s good that I can finally share shoes with someone in my family! 😛

3. How CARING my PARENTS are

If you think that having my Mum to call me every day when I was in Canada is too much, you’re wrong. She calls back 5 times a day when we’re back home – asking what are we having for lunch, or reminding us to pick the nieces up or take them to tuition classes. The same goes to the Dad, who prepared fishing rods for us when we said we wanna go fishing, or cleared up the rusty guitar strings when he knew we’re playing it again.

4. How great it is to have SISTERS

It’s kinda rare for my second sister Michele to be back home at the same time as me. This time that she’s graduated and still jobless, I got to see her face every day and we 3 sisters got to spend some quality time together. It’s always nice to have them by my side, for food or pedicure or simply just chatting about life. Oh and I know I’m lucky to be the youngest too!

5. Being FUNNY is in our genes

2 weekends ago when I went to Kuala Lumpur for my cousin’s wedding, I got to hang out with most of my cousins and laugh with them all day. They’re all natural joker and man, it was so much fun! Speaking of the wedding, it was a great one. We laughed and then cried together, it was a wonderful family moment together.

Stay happy always Cindy and Raj! 🙂

6. I need to SPEND MORE TIME with my GRANDMAS

Visiting my grandmothers from both sides of my family made me realize how old they’ve grown and how much I hope they can stay healthy and happy. I really should pay them more visits and keep them company before I leave, and send them postcards when I’m away, I really should.

7. Ultimately, the biggest thing that I forgot about my family, is HOW TO LIVE WITH THEM.

Living in a country where the culture is rather individualistic for 2 years, I’d changed a lot. I’m used to having full control of my life and handling things by myself, and being back home was a little bit overwhelming at first. I actually felt uncomfortable having my mum to do the household chores, or having to arrange my schedule around my family member’s schedule or availability.

I miss the freedom that I had when I was living alone, and I felt as though the independent lifestyle that I’m proud to have developed is being threatened. However, I know that this is a part of me and I can’t detach myself from them. I just… forgot that we need to be so tolerant and understanding for one another when living together, and I’m glad to be back and to be reminded of it.

Ah, I love being back to be reminded of all these little things. I love my family! 🙂