Why Do Women Wear Make Up?

[WARNING: This post is filled with countless selfies that might shock you, disgust you or haunt you. :P]

Okay, so today I’m going to talk about why women put on make up, or maybe it’s just me, why I put on make up – although I know that there are many women out there who are like me. HAH!

I have many friends (especially guys) who have lots of comments when it comes to make up, first they’ll comment on how it makes us look different/weird, then they’ll complain on the time we spend on them, then they’ll ask us how much money we spend on them. Like why put on so much effort to make our skin suffer and what not?

And my answer to those questions is really simple –

For ourselves – 
Because they make us feel good about ourselves.


As much as we hate it, we can’t deny that the society’s perspective of beauty – flawless skin, bigger eyes, sharper chin, sharper nose etc. are features that has creep-ed into our subconscious about the definition of ‘beauty’. And having features that are characterized as ‘ugly’, like having acne or being big faced, makes us insecure and have less confidence in our appearances.

Every time someone told me I look good and I explained that it’s the make up, they’ll be like, “Oh no, you don’t look that different when you don’t have your make up on!” I’ll be like…

Really? Can you stop lying about it?
I mean, like seriously, you mean there’s no difference between this picture,
And this picture?


Apart from the fact that there’s a dog in the second picture (that I know, is way more attractive than my face in both pictures), my look – my face – does it not appear different? Surely you’ll think that the first picture is much more attractive, because make up has given me that flawless, unblemished look that we subconsciously think is ‘pretty’.

And because of that, make up has given me that confidence that I didn’t have before. Whenever I wear make up, I feel better about myself that I don’t look as ‘imperfect’ as I used to be. To tell the difference of how I feel with or without make up, this will be the perfect example:

Scenario: Cute guy stares at me for longer than 5 seconds

Without make up, my thought:
“OMG is there something on my face, OMG is my acne that bad? Oh no I wanna go home and cry…”

With make up, my thought:
“Ah I think my make up looks attractive today, or maybe I’m just cute, should I like smile or something? Hmm…”

I’m serious about it, that’s actually my thought when that happens. The confidence boost is just so significant! Sometimes yes we make up to impress the person we’re meeting up with, sometimes yes we make up because our job requires us to, but mostly, we’re really just doing it for ourselves.

The main difference make up has done for me though, is that it makes me look more ‘awake’. On days that I didn’t have time or was too lazy to put on make up for classes, my friends would surely ask if I was tired, even when I was not. It’s just my eyes… my eyes…

My daily make up before and after look

Note that in the picture, I actually didn’t put foundation on. I only used my camera’s soft skin effect setting to remove the blemishes to get that complete flawless look for the picture comparison. You see, just a touch on my brows and eyes and you can see how much more ‘awake’ I look.

Since it’s just a 15-minute make up to make myself feel better, why not? In fact on days that I was really sad or stressed, I would put on more make up and dress up to cheer myself up. I still remember that 2 days after my break up, I woke up with a super swollen face from all of the cryings I had. So I put on some make up and I felt fabulous and happy instantly. Seriously, you can never underestimate the power of make up.

Of course, outer appearance cannot be the only definition of beauty – how you feel within you affects a lot too. Just look at the picture above, would you choose the one without make up & happy, or with make up but sad? Most likely the former right?

You see, confidence is the key. As long as you are confident and happy, you feel good, you look good. For me, I still need make up to give me the boost in my confidence, then I feel better. It’s really up to your personal interpretation and preference of how you wanna feel good and look good. And to guys, stop complaining that girls are ‘cheating your feelings’ when we put on thick make up and look different from our true looks, you chose the girl for her look and not for her substance in the first place. If you really care, you wouldn’t have minded.


Ah, I really enjoyed blogging about this, probably because I really love make up and talking about it makes me happy too. Hope you people like it just like I do!


xx Wendy