Pomodoro – How I Stopped Procrastinating and Focus On Studying

How are you guys doing? I’m having my final exams this month, so I’ve been spending most of my time studying a lot lately!

I was pretty stressed before my first exam yesterday, it was Stats – that almighty boring but tough Stats – and it was on the first day of all exams, at 8.30 on a Saturday morning. Even the thought of it sounds depressing hey? Thankfully, I got over it (with much obstacles) and it’s time to move on with my 3 other courses!

I’m lucky that my exam schedule this time is pretty scattered, so I have time to prepare for other courses after each exam, and I have time to relax and do stuffs like blogging to de-stress too!




If you noticed from my picture above, my iPad was turned on with a timer-like application. I’ve been using the Pomodoro Technique to help me be productive and focus on my studies/work lately. It is a simple yet super useful time management method – separating tasks into 25 minutes intervals with 5-10 minutes breaks in between.

I know, it sounds like common sense that we all separate our tasks into different time frames with breaks in between; but do you have that experience where you give yourself an hour to finish this topic, then you feel like you deserve a break – and that break turns out to be the ending point of your studies? Well at least I know I do.

The 25-5-25-10 minutes kinda loop actually helps me focus a lot, the timing is not too long nor short, and it forces me to stop on whatever I’m doing during my break to continue on my work. Yes, it stopped me from procrastinating, which I do a lot due to my short attention span.


The app that I’m currently using on my iPad for this purpose is called 30/30 and I’m super in love with it. Despite the difference from the original Pomodoro Technique that suggests 25 minutes interval, I’m able to custom my time frames for different tasks, name them, place different colour schemes and have them go on loop until an ending point.

The colourful and fun layout made me excited and motivated me to follow it all the time (HAHA, like a kid I know. :P)

Yes, I totally screenshot-ed the screenshots from iTunes.


Of course, if you type ‘pomodoro timer’ on your search engine, you’ll be able to find hundreds of online timer available for free too! For that, I personally like the ‘tomato-timer.com‘ one because its buzzing doesn’t sound too loud or annoying, and the timer shows right on the tab in Chrome.

I know it may seem weird that I’m suddenly sharing about this, but don’t worry, I’m not sponsored by Francesco Cirillo (founder of Pomodoro timer) or app developer of 30/30 for this post. I just thought I should share this good method that helped me a lot from procrastinating, especially now that it’s exam time.

It all started with me coming across this amazing article that contains Scott Hanselman‘s productivity preaching, it’s a good read, read it when you’re free!

Did I mention that I finally gave in to Snapchat and has been using it so regularly? Weather has been amazing and spring has been super beautiful? Also that I’ve been working out, eating healthy and sleeping early? I’m loving my life so much despite the exam stress! 🙂