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World Mental Health Day: I Jumped Because I Almost Killed Myself

3 years ago when I went bungee jumping, a lot of you approached and praised me about my courage. I answered in a blog post that I was just taking my bucket
fall essentials

2017 Fall Essentials

Fall is a mellow time. It’s the start of something new after a long summer break, yet the leaves are falling and daylight shorter, as if the universe is saying, “Imma take
honey bee zee avi cover thumbnail

Zee Avi – Honey Bee Ukulele Cover

Remember a few weeks ago I shared a playlist of some of my favourite Malaysian songs? Ever since I created that playlist, I’ve been singing Honey Bee by hands down, my favourite
things to do in chiang mai

Things To Do in Chiang Mai besides Visiting Temples and Waterfalls

A few weeks ago, I went on a 4D3N trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand with my friend Jessie. As she just finished a major exam and I’d been pretty overwhelmed by my
malaysian songs

What! These songs are Malaysian?!

Malaysia celebrated its special day yesterday. 60 years since the Peninsular gained independence from the British empire, 54 years since Sabah and Sarawak joined us. I’m glad to be born here, where
free motivational wallpapers

20 Motivational Wallpapers for Your Phone

I LOVE MANTRAS. I love them over long quotes as they are easier to be read and remembered. Every year, I will pick “word(s) of the year” that will act as a

VIVIENFANG Sunglasses Review

I love sunglasses. They are the perfect statement accessories for someone like me, who preaches the #GIRLBOSS life, travels around tropical countries a lot, and is too lazy to wear make up

Don’t Stress, Rest, Take A Breath

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. I woke up to the noise of raindrops beating on my rooftop and decided to stay bundled up and sleep in. When I finally decided to wake

Life After College: One Year After Graduation

Back to school posts can be seen all over the internet. Summer is almost over and reality is finally hitting those of you who graduated this summer that you’re no longer a