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Monday Morning Splash

Good Monday morning! I’m writing this blog post as I am sipping coffee at my favourite French bakery place, Yeast Bistronomy, in Kuala Lumpur. I’m here mainly for the pain au chocolat,

Why Am I Still Single?

“The most popular time to sext is Tuesday between 10:00 A.M. and noon. Yes, we looked this up twice. Strange!” Recently, I read a book called Modern Romance: An Investigation by Aziz

What I Enjoy About My Night Routine

I love the time of the day when I finally get to remove my make up, shower and get ready for bed. Some days it’s as early as 8 in the evening,
yaz birth control review

Yaz Birth Control for Acne and PMS Treatment | Personal Experience + Review

Earlier this year, I set a new year’s resolution to fix my hormonal acne problem once and for all. I’d been struggling with acne since my high school days and it has

Out of Tune

It’s been a while since I came to my blog without a plan. I have no topics in mind, and I honestly don’t know what to share with you. Isn’t it funny?

World Mental Health Day: I Jumped Because I Almost Killed Myself

3 years ago when I went bungee jumping, a lot of you approached and praised me about my courage. I answered in a blog post that I was just taking my bucket
fall essentials

2017 Fall Essentials

Fall is a mellow time. It’s the start of something new after a long summer break, yet the leaves are falling and daylight shorter, as if the universe is saying, “Imma take
honey bee zee avi cover thumbnail

Zee Avi – Honey Bee Ukulele Cover

Remember a few weeks ago I shared a playlist of some of my favourite Malaysian songs? Ever since I created that playlist, I’ve been singing Honey Bee by hands down, my favourite
things to do in chiang mai

Things To Do in Chiang Mai besides Visiting Temples and Waterfalls

A few weeks ago, I went on a 4D3N trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand with my friend Jessie. As she just finished a major exam and I’d been pretty overwhelmed by my