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fitness injury

Can You Hurry Your Healing After a Fitness Injury?

Sustaining an injury, whether or not you get it from exercise, can be a thorn in your side when it comes to fitness. You might be forced to take some rest for

Why Calgary Needs to Be Your Next Canadian City Choice

I know what you’re thinking…  Wendy, I thought you just mentioned that you’re not going to be traveling this year, how are you producing travel related content now? Calm down honey, I

I don’t have any travel plan this year, and it’s okay…

As I was going through Instagram and looking at my friends’ traveling posts today, I had a sudden realization that I don’t have any travel plan this year. I hesitated for a

Top Tips For Exam Preparation

Disclaimer: This is a contributed article.   It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or are under employment, the thought of taking an exam can be the most frightening part of your

Alternative Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

It’s no secret that I struggle with mental health issues. I try to be open about it as much as I can in hopes of creating more awareness about its danger. Over
beautify smile

5 Ways To Beautify Your Smile

See that smile up there? That’s the smile that almost everyone remembers me for. My smile has been my signature feature ever since I can remember. It is a feature that honestly,

#GIRLBOSS SESSIONS: Useful Study Material to Help You Overcome a Business Disaster

Disclaimer: This is a contributed blog post for my #GIRLBOSS Sessions series. Enjoy!     The last thing we want is for our business to suffer some kind of disaster that would hinder

Staying Motivated When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Staying motivated is essential in achieving your fitness goals. Initially, it can be hard to drag yourself off your sofa, get into your gears, will yourself to step into the gym, ride

How To Get On Top Of Your Debt This Year

Disclaimer: This is a contributed blog post as a sequel to my 2018 adulting finance tips series. Enjoy!   Debt can be a weight on your shoulders; it invades your life and